• MPA E-news
    MPA E-news provides breaking news and information about legislative, professional practice, member and continuing education issues.
  • MPA Executive Update
    MPA Executive Update is an informative, blog-style newsletter will cover key legislative news, up-to-date information on MPA activities, details on national pharmacy actions that are important to your profession, valuable practice reports and ways that you can get involved. 
  • Michigan Pharmacist
    Michigan Pharmacist is the official journal of MPA that provides important information about hot topics in pharmacy and issues facing the profession, serving as a primary reference source for pharmacists on topics like medications, reimbursement, innovative practice models, continuing education and legislative activities. Each practice section of MPA also has their own focus issue throughout the year that includes a section of articles on topics or resources that are relevant to their practice area. 
  • Tech Connect
     Tech Connect provides important information to pharmacy technicians, features technicians throughout the state, provides updates on legislation impacting technician practice and shares some fun material to get technicians thinking and help them brush up on their skills.
  • Pharmacy Insights
    Pharmacy Insights focuses on one topic of importance to pharmacy professionals or of interest to the profession. Past topics have included obesity, diversion, medication adherence and advocacy.
  • New Practitioner Exchange
    New Practitioner Exchange provides recent graduates and student pharmacists with the opportunity to connect with one another, exchange ideas and share helpful tips to achieving a balanced lifestyle. The publication is designed to cover "nonclinical" topics, providing a unique member benefit for pharmacy professionals just getting started with their careers.